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Ande's Swimming Blog

Ande's Swimming Blog

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Ande's Swimming Blog

I swim for Longhorn Masters coached by Whitney Hedgepeth at the Texas Swim Center in Austin Texas.
Swim: fly, back, free, and IM.
50's & 100's,
200's, 400's & 500's Sometimes,

Events and Times

Ask Ande

Swim Faster Faster

1980 & 81
Coached by Paul Bergen in Austin, TX, high school JR & SR year

1981 - 86
Coached by Eddie Reese at the University of Texas at Austin
swam 50 & 100 free, 100 fly, 100 back & 200 IM

On March 23rd, 2005,
I started posting details about my workouts and meets at
my last post was September 19th, 2008
Then it was closed

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  1. swim4me's Avatar
    Great Start Ande! It is a different place, but we will get used to it!!!! I look forward to reading what you have been doing - please keep it up!
  2. coach's pet 1's Avatar
    Always look forward to reading your blog.

    John Morales
  3. blainesapprentice's Avatar
    This is actually that I know where to change the view to see all blogs it's pretty much 100% like the forums...people are still gonna read and comment...I know for me at least that I will probably forget to go to your other blogger site to read up on your progress, because I am always here checking up on all the other news and members....please use this blog location...I think you'll find it is gonna be exactly the same as it was before.