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dec 7 2012 life in the medium lane.

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by , December 7th, 2012 at 08:08 AM (574 Views)
distance free From what i remember.....

swam 3550 and for the life of me i can not remember the break down other than it had plenty of 100's and a few 200's because what would a swim be without 200's.

the first half of the swim was nice. shared a lane with a pretty good swimmer. What made him pretty good... his manners. then we got another person in so we had to circle swim. she was extremely ambitious and brought her own pace clock.

i know if you bring your own pace clock it is usually in the form of a wrist watch. but to bring your very own big one that you have to prop up on a set of kick boards just makes you extra special. soon after our new lane mate jumped in we dropped one of the first two. so back to straight out and back. then a guy in the most festive type of jammers decided to hop in.

he was also an ambitious type. and soon in the medium a neck and neck grudge match ensued between the pace clocker and festive jammers. they were barely able to out touch the wall (keep in mind we are supposed to be circular swimming). then they would leave starting a new lap right on each others' toes.

this become obnoxious and luckily i was done with my swim. i need to get fast again and get back into the fast lane.

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