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Fun Friday

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This morning I enjoyed a fun Riverbank workout with Rondi, Hannah, and John. It’s a quick turnaround from Thursday night diving, which ends at 10pm out in the far reaches of Queens, and the 6:30 am opening of Riverbank in West Harlem, but the chance to swim with friends this morning and breakfast after was worth the abbreviated sleep. Here’s what I did:

300 lcm warmup

5 x 200 swim > kick pacman: 200s, 50k/150s, 100k/100s, 150k/50s, 200k [These were more like 175s for me, as I took the opportunity to practice my mid-pool turning technique in order to keep up.]

IM reunion set
800, done as 4 x (150 fr / 50 st), with st = IM order
600, done as 4 x (100 fr / 50 st), with st = IM order
400, done as 4 x (50 fr / 50 st), with st = IM order
200 IM
[Took 10-20 seconds rest between swims. I was finally feeling good in the water by the end of this set.]

Then came the belated birthday set: a 47m backwards (feet-first) IM. I led this set! It was fun watching everyone’s progress as they worked their way down the pool. By the time we finished there were swimmers in the adjacent lane trying to swim backwards, and the lifeguard was just shaking his head, as if we had contaged the entire pool.

300 warmdown + play

Diving last night was a blast. I learned two new skills. I fell off the 3m springboard backwards—on purpose! I’d been doing this forwards for several practices, and we learned the reverse version last night. Basically, you stand backwards on the very end of the board with your heels hanging off, then rise up on your tippy toes. Keeping your body rigid, you fall backwards. Once you reach horizontal, you put your hands above your head, and end up entering the water in a nice hollowed-out diving position (“hollowed-out” being to diving what streamlined is to swimming). It worked almost perfectly for me the first time. Our beginner group also graduated from doing simply tuck dives to pike dives off the 1m. And the timing on my hurdles (approaches) is definitely getting better. Onwards and upwards!

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    I will have to try swimming backwards!
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ekw
    I will have to try swimming backwards!
    Do! It's fun, and a good break from more serious sets.