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Foggy beach day

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I had a wonderful swim at a fogged-in Brighton Beach today. The air temp was around 50, and the water felt a degree or two colder than last week. There were just a half-dozen of us out in the drizzly weather today, but the swimming was cold and glorious. The squawks of the seagulls were accompanied by the foghorns out in the shipping channel and we prepped to get in. I got in slowly, then swam for about 20 minutes, heading westward against the current to one of the jetties before turning around for a quick trip back. The water was fairly clear, and I loved how the spooky misty air seemed to envelope me as I swam along.

When I got back to my starting place I wanted to stay in, but knew I should probably get out, as my hands and feet were getting a little numb. So I did, and was able to get dressed before the shivering and teeth chattering set in. Neither was too violent today, but it did seem to take a long time to warm up—probably because there was no sun helping with the process. But eventually the shivering worked its warming magic, and I was able to enjoy a bit of time on the beach before heading back home on the subway. I love winter swimming!

Good luck to everyone swimming in meets this weekend!

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