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I swim, therefore I am

Monday, December 10, 2012

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by , December 10th, 2012 at 02:47 PM (291 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp of 76, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
Overcast, then sunny with humidity at 68%

Warm up & *Set 1*
FR swim for 70 minutes
Did not count laps, focused on form, rhythm, and efficiency

*Set 2*
5x100 BR on :30 rest, as 50K/50S
odd# with snorkel, even# k/board,Swim

5x100 SDK on 1:40 (on back)
by 25; 14-12/10-8/8-9/8-9 (as in #K underwater)

10x100 FR Pull on 1:20 w/paddles, bouy, tube
Did all at 1:08

Warm down:
200 EZ FR/BK Swim

  • Did swimming workouts, dryland, walking both days this weekend, and came in to this Monday morning session with some aches and stiffness, but was ready to swim.
  • Warm up - Coach had suggested last week that I consider to do some swims not counting laps, but just swimming. This morning seemed like to good time to try that out as there was about 40 minutes left before the college swimmers would be done in the LCM pool.
  • It was 20 minutes after the hour when I started out in the diving well pool. I expected that if I checked the clock often, it would appear to go by slower like 5-10 minutes each look, so I did not look at scoreboard clock for what I thought would be about 20-30 minutes. Whenever I felt like looking, I would say to myself, go just a little more. I would push my pace and tempo close to a breaking point, and then stretch out for a bit and build up again.
  • So in the end, when I finally took a peek at the clock, it was 28 minutes past the next hour! Surprised and wondering how did that much time go by that quickly, I swam a few more minutes to make it 1 hour and 10 minutes. Not counting laps was just a great feeling of freedom to just swim. I enjoyed the swim, and will try doing 1-2 hours on a weekly regular basis starting next week as the LCM pool will be set up for LCM swimming again until end of September 2013.
  • Set 2 - Continuation with BR kicking development, and underwater SDK on back. My SDK is a work in progress as I can go over 10 kicks on the first 25, and then I struggle to go past 8 kicks on the next three 25s coming off the flip turn.
  • Set 3 - My arms were still a bit tired going in to the pull set, but for me holding 1:08 on a 1:20 interval is the best I have done since I starting training again.

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