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One month out

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by , December 12th, 2012 at 05:37 PM (364 Views)
Today it has been exactly one month since my surgery, and this week has thankfully been much better compared to last. After attempting to adjust back to normal life last week, I got a bit overwhelmed and that resulted in a low-grade fever and slight sickness. But luckily it only lasted a day or two and I was able to sleep it off. I attempted to work a full week last week but only ended up working 27 hoursÖoh well. Since then I think Iíve finally adjusted as my sleeping seems to have returned to normal patterns and my energy level is much improved. I think Iíll actually make it through this week, and will be able to get in a few light cardio sessions at the gym as well. I havenít had proper cardio exercise in a MONTH now so itís definitely time to start building back up!

Because of last week I didnít think Iíd see much improvement with my range of movement at PT, but I did still manage to make some progress. This week Iím at 145 degrees forward flexation (last week 138) and external rotation is at 35 degrees (last week 30). My PT wants me to ease up a bit on the forward flexation, since now Iím above where I should be (Iím like 10-15 degrees away from a decent streamline position ), but I still need to keep working on the external rotation. This week I get to add bicep and tricep exercises using light weights, and I also get to start weaning myself off the shoulder brace! I can have it off while at home and at work, but I should keep wearing it whilst coming/going and when Iím out and about in public places. Honestly though, Iíve been weaning myself off for a while now alreadyÖ..shhhhh. But mostly looking forward to not having to sleep in the damn thing.

Another milestone is that I can *finally* get my elbow high enough to tie my hair back and get my contact lenses in with ease. Victory!!! Ö.lol.

Iím also starting to get excited because 2 weeks from now Iíll hopefully get clearance from my PT to get back to the pool and start kicking!! Iím hoping Santa will bring me some new fins and socks for Xmas And then I will laugh at my teammates as they are tortured by holiday training while Iím fluttering around like a 6yr oldÖ.mwahahha! (Of course, we both will silently acknowledge that we would rather not be in my positionÖ.maybe lol).

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