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Approaching Blog Entry milestone...

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by , December 17th, 2012 at 05:13 PM (759 Views)
Blog entry #149 (t-72 hours to Mayan Apocalypse):

My next blog entry will mark my 150th since I began blogging almost a year ago. I'm thinking of having it correspond with 12-21-12... round numbers like to hang out with each other.

Speaking of nice round numbers, I did a 5000 SCY work out today, similar to the one I did last week:

Warm-up 1000 (20 minutes):
100 fr
200 br (3:40)
200 bk
100 bk kick
400 drills w/ fins

1:00 rest

Pull/Free set (1000 in 18:00)
--100s pull w/ buoy and paddles (1:50s)
--100s free (1:30-1:40)
2:00 rest

20 x 100 on 1:45 (1:27-1:37; mostly 1:32)
2:00 rest

400 fr on 7:00 (6:30)
200 br
200 bk
200 EZ fr

97 minutes total time (not exactly a round number). The 400 I did for time after I hit the 4000-yard mark was just a test, to see if I could hold my 1:36-1:40 pace and form without falling apart after 4000 yards. It felt pretty good. Also the 100s were all over the map, but there were a lot of 1:28-1:32s, which is good for me and an improvement on last week. I did have a few slower 100s in the last half of the set... another swimmer joined me in the lane and he was pretty good so it pushed me to come in under 1:30 when we started together, but then my next 100 would come in at 1:35!

This weekend I didn't do any really hard workouts. I only had time for a couple of short swims (2000 on Saturday and 2200 on Sunday), but I was swimming my 1000s under 17:00, 16:30 on Sunday in fact. I decided that I needed to focus on some aspects of my technique; hip roll and rhythm being primary. I think I've fallen into the habit of a shoulder-driven stroke, but realized that my turn over wasn't going to get any faster just trying to muscle through with the arms and shoulders... they have to relax more and my hip needs to drive the stroke. I tried focusing on the rocking movement and relaxing the upper body as much as possible. This helped me to swim that 1:40/100 pace with much less fatigue than I normally feel... indeed, my 1:40 pace felt more like my 1:45 pace. So this is a positive development that I'm trying to transfer over to my interval training (w/ mixed results as my inconsistent times in the 100s show). A 4-5 second drop in my all-day pace is a big deal, though, if that's what is really happening here.

Finally moving off the plateau!? Just in time for the end of the world? Stay tuned for the 150th installment of... Alex's swim journal!

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  1. slow's Avatar
    Sounds great! You definitely have stamina with the blogging!

    I am also going to be doing some self-assessment. New year, new goals...