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Legs be forewarned....back to the pool!

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by , December 19th, 2012 at 07:31 PM (424 Views)
Today my PT gave me clearance to get back to the pool to start kicking! Such a great feeling and it has totally made my day! Technically my surgeon said that I could get back in at 6 to 8 weeks. Today I am at 5 weeks and 3 days. Part of me wants to be good and wait EXACTLY 6 weeks, but Iím about to go out of town for the holiday and I donít wait to wait until I get back! I figure thereís no harm as long as Iím carefulÖ.I mean its not like Iím going to jump in and kick 3000 yards or anything. I figure for my first workout back Iíll get an easy 500-600 kick in and then hit the hot tub. Basically I just want to suit up and get wetÖ.so I think I might head to the pool tomorrow night! *excited*

I think my PT gave me the go ahead because I made really good improvements this week. Forward flexation is at 152 degrees (last week 145, plus my max on my good shoulder is 165Ö.soooo close to a proper streamline!!) and external rotation is at 50, up 15 degrees since last week! Iíve also been hitting up the gym for the past 1.5 weeks and getting 20-30 minute cardio sessions in on the ellipticalÖ.ie, Iíve been doing all my homework and I have earned a gold star, yay! I am also officially ditching my shoulder brace for good

New exercises for the week include two gentle external abduction stretches, and one very slight extension (behind the back) exercise. Iíve also graduated to 3 pound weights for my bent over rows and tricep exercises, lol. Couldnít be more trilled though! And after next week I switch to every-other week appointment schedule. Meaning that the show is finally packed up and ready to hit road! Letís go!

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