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joel schmaltz


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I borrowed this one from Paul Smith and made some minor changes.

10 x 50 dr/swim r/10
8 x 50 kick r/15
-dec. 1-4,5-8

2 x 100 @ base + 15
200 pull cruise
4 x 100 @ base + 10
200 kick on back, work SDK off walls
6 x 100 @ base + 5
200 w/buoy and snorkel
8 x 100 @ base

200 w/d


I took between 30 & 45 sec after the 200's waiting for the clock to hit the top or bottom. Descended the 100's but didn't really feel that strong. Although I don't usually like 100's or doing ALL free workouts, I liked this one. In and out rather quickly. I will say that my underwaters off the walls are improving. The plan is to mix in some core work this evening. Apparently, I am putting on my winter coat already with all of this holiday running around and not eating the best I could. But then James says that fast food makes him faster.

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