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I arrived in northwest Florida on Tuesday, and was happy to land in lovely 70s-and-sunny weather. That lasted for a day and a half, and I was lucky to get in a short swim in the beautiful green Gulf yesterday in nearly perfect conditions—water in the mid-60s, very clear, gentle waves, sunny skies. Today the storms rolled in, and air temps are supposed to drop 40+ degrees tonight into more seasonable ranges for the next week. I got to watch an impressive storm over the gulf mid-day today. I love the beach here in any weather, and feel very grateful to get to spend some time down this way over the holidays. And this year I was soooo ready to be out of the city and in a warmer, calmer place.

I’ve swum at my beloved Panama City Beach Aquatic Center every day since I arrived. After several years of low attendance, they finally reduced their winter hours, cutting the LCM morning lap swim to just twice a week, and closing altogether on Sunday. The good news is that there are masters workouts once again—6 a week---and I worked out with the team last night and this morning. It’s wonderful to be swimming outdoors again.

Last night’s workout went like this:

500 scy early warmup on my own (400s, 100k)

2nd warmup with team: 3 x 200, 1 swim 1 kick 1 pull

12 x 50 (fast from walls to mid-pool, easy from mid-pool to walls), odds K, evens S, @ :20 RI

5 x 200 CH @ 3:30, desc. 1-3, 4 easy, 5 fast
[I did all FR, and went 2:58, 2:43, 2:33 (instructions were to descend big!), then 2:26 on last (goal was under 2:30).]

4 x 100 wd w/breathing pattern

This morning was too grey for a proper sunrise, but it was still cool to watch the sky get lighter as I did the following:

500 lcm warmup

4 x 150 desc. @ :20 RI [I did FR/BK/FR sandwiches]

3x thru—all on :10-:20 RI
200 long easy swim, emphasizing dps
4 x 50 K fast
4 x 50 swim, odds fast (integrating kick from previous 50s), evens ez
[Did 1st round FR, 2nd BK, 3rd IM]

100 easy

Then on my own

4 x 150 FR/ST/FR sandwich, ST = IM order

700 wd with lots of play

It’s been fun to see all my Florida swimming friends—every trip to the pool has been a chance to catch up with seasonal swim buddies whom I haven’t seen since last February.

Today I signed up for TNYA’s One Hour Swim event on January 26. There’s a little over a month to get in shape. I’m aiming for 4500y this year. I have some work to do.

Safe travels to everyone hitting the road (or the skies or rails) for travel over the holidays!

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  1. pool tourist's Avatar
    Say hi to that pool for me. Merry Christmas!
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    I will, and a merry Christmas to you too!

    What will be your grand total of pools for the year?
  3. pool tourist's Avatar
    54 is the grand total. Want to help me make it to 80 in 2013?
  4. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pool tourist
    54 is the grand total. Want to help me make it to 80 in 2013?
    Absolutely! Count me in!