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David W Cochran

Saturday, Dec 22 - Another Mixture Day

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Swam at the Nat today and Bob C. and I went through this workout together. Dave, Dave, Peter, and some of the Hsv group were in the other lanes.

I happened to get in a lane that had a water jet shooting straight into it. You could see the water flow almost half way down the lane and, when coming back, you could really feel it. As I got close to the wall, it was almost like what I imagine an endless pool to be like!

Did a mix of things today - some fast, some paddles, some distance, some IM, etc.

400 Free
4x100 alt Back/Free on 1:40
4x25 Free Sprint on :30

2 times through
1x200 Back w/ Paddles Hard
2x150 Kick (did the backs in 2:37 and 2:35 - really good for me)

IM by 25's - 6:40 (that's close to a real 400IM, but I still haven't swam more than a 50 fly at one time)
Free w/paddles - 5:30
Back w/paddles - 5:52
Free - 5:50

5x100 Back w/paddles on 1:45
100 Kick
10x50 Free on :50
2x50 Back
2x50 Breast
4x25 Fly
100 Free

5400 yards
110 minutes

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Updated December 22nd, 2012 at 08:58 PM by David W Cochran