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Christmas Eve swim...

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by , December 24th, 2012 at 07:55 PM (1234 Views)
We're having a White Christmas here in Kenosha, WI. Flurries accompanied me in and out of the Y today; won't add much to the snow already on the ground, but it definitely feels a lot like Christmas.

Today I wrapped up my 14th straight day in the pool. I was really tired and probably should've just taken the day off , but tomorrow the pool's closed, so I wanted to squeeze in in few more yards before the stuffing begins. I only did 2000 today:

1000 free in 17:00
200 br/bk
2 x 50 fr on 1:00 (:40-:41)
4 x 100 fr on 2:00 (1:27-1:28)
300 free cool-down

Yesterday, even though I had done a 6000-yard swim the day before, I managed to get in 4000:

20 x 50 alt. kick w/ fins/free w/o (20:00)
10 x 100 alt. pull w/ paddles/free (20:00)
20 x 50 alt. back/free (20:00)
8 x 100 br (16:00)
200 fr (4:00)

In my 14 consecutive days of swimming I logged 47,600 yards (I'm over 40 miles again already for the month). This will be my Wisconsin Water Warriors fitness challenge figure for 2012. I hoped to break last year's 48,000 (logged in the first two weeks of November), but I had too many days with only 2-2.5K swimming this year. And now that I'm hitting my stride again, there are too many forced days off. August through October this year were "off-season" or recovery months for me (27-31 miles/month swum instead of 45-55), so my build up only really started in November.

I re-registered for USMS for 2013 on 12/22 (as it turns out, the same day I re-registered last year too!). It's not too early to start planning 2013, I ran into Scotty today at the Y and we're both planning to do the first WI masters SCY meet in mid-January, so we'll send in registration in a few days. I'm considering even doing something other than freestyle *gasp*. Maybe a 100 breast or 50 back. Definitely, one of my goals for 2013 will be to compete in a couple of other events besides distance free. I'm going to see if I can bring my 100-200-yard times down a little this spring. And, of course, my big goals are to knock time off my 1500-1650 and take big chunks off of my 5-10K times.

I'm also going to learn Fly in 2013... there, I said it... so now I have to do it. Hope my fellow bloggers will hold me to that one. 2012 was all about building an aerobic base and endurance, and learning the flip-turn. 2013 will be about technique, gaining speed, learning (or improving) the other strokes. Who knows, maybe there's an IM in my future?

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Go get after that Fly! You can do it.
    1. Head down/hips up.
    2. Kick once when your hand enter the water, and once as your hands pull past your hips exiting the water.
    3. The breath tends to be the trickiest part for newbies to fly. In a way it's the same as freestyle as to when to breathe - just at/after the catch/pull phase. The thing is to get the head back down before your hands recover over the water. If you're stuck with your head up while trying to recover, it can make fly a real chore.
    4. If you have an experienced person where you swim to help you that would be best. If not, try to watch YouTube videos and copy them.
    5. Fly is better than breast or back as well.
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks for the fly advice, James, I'm looking forward to learning the stroke... figure I better do some SDK drills to get ready.