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Pie of IM

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We had some wild and wooly weather here the last few days—we managed to dodge the tornados on the Christmas drive to and from Alabama, although there were spottings both near here and at our destination. I’m not sure if the surf ever reached the 7-9 feet that was predicted today—that’s a lot for this stretch of beach, which is quite shallow for a long ways out—but I heeded the broadcast warnings that the waves and currents “WILL BE LIFE THREATENING TO ANYONE ENTERING THE WATER” and didn’t go in. Meanwhile, the temperature is supposed to drop from today’s high (at 12:01 am) of 71 down to below freezing tonight. Tomorrow morning’s 6 am practice will be chilly.

But today I had a nice relaxing solo swim at the pool. When I arrived in the early afternoon just one of the 20 lanes was being used, by a visiting age grouper whose mom was sitting in a deck chair at the end of her lane reading a book. (It was in the low 50s, and very windy out, so I can’t imagine that was much fun.) I chose a lane at the other end of the pool to do the following:

1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 d/s by 50)

IM set—I didn’t have time for my full Pieces of IM set, so I just did the first half
8 x 25 @ :30, 2 each stroke, IM order, odds pretty, evens fast

7 x 50 IM pieces (FL/FL, FL/BK, BK/BK, BK/BR, etc) @ :55
6 x 75 IM pieces, odds K/S/K, evens S/K/S, @ 1:20
5 x 100 IM pieces @ 1:40 [avg 1:24]

300 warmdown + play

That was it! It was fun swimming in the deep end and diving all the way down to the bottom of the pool during my warmdown. The age-group team was doing drylands all during my workout, which gave me something amusing to watch (and be glad I wasn’t doing) during my rest intervals.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    I'm glad you dodged the weather. I'm out of town but my phone was going nuts with weather alerts for Mobile and I did a lot of worrying.
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Thanks Ellen! It has definitely been some interesting weather down here lately, and in much of the rest of the country too.

    Hope your travels home are safe and easy!