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No man's land of not training yet

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by , December 28th, 2012 at 10:36 AM (994 Views)
Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good holiday season!

My "training" has been to simply stay in relatively decent condition; no sense getting in really good shape before going to Breckenridge for a week and off-routine again. I've been doing strokes, drills, and some designated workouts and some on my own. Have not resumed drylands/weights yet except for my yoga/stretching. Again, no sense getting in great shape only to take a week off! We are going to Breck tomorrow.


I got a parachute and softball/whiffle balls for xmas! The parachute is great! It says it is "flipturn compatable" for soft items, like the 'chute, clothing, etc, but that you should NOT flip turn with a hard drag object, like a bucket. You can indeed flipturn, but it is quite distracting. I like it better for fast 25's anyway. I like 25's period!

The whiffle balls are awesome. They are like "anti-paddles" and essentially are a drill to work your core/legs since you can't balance, breathe, or get very much pull anyway. When you take the off, you feel incrdedibly balanced and your hands feel like giant spatulas! I got a package of 6; I am thinking to put them all in my bag and on certain days, suggest my small lane of 3 all use them! (since we have 2 hands, 6 balls, you get it....)

Here is yesterday's workout:

400 warm up (skipped the last 100; no reason, just skipped it 'cause I was tired)

2 rounds of:
3 x 50's each of
done as kick/drill/swim

2 x 200
3 x 100
====>no, I did every other 50 with my whiffle balls

10 x 50's
3, 5, 7, 9, 10 fast
===>no, I did these the same way as 25's and walk back each time.

The End

That was a good workout for me. Just the kind of stuff I like! And enought skipping bits to feel proud that I did much less than everyone else. That said, I was arguably doing "more" with my whiffle balls!


On to Breck tomorrow! I am going to start the 50 mile club thing. You mark your yardage and they put your name up on a board when you hit 50 miles. It's really dumb for us because of course we can easily do 50 miles every 2 months, even at my yardage rate. But you can only count yards swum at the Breck Recreation Center, so it's going to take me a few years. You can swim any stroke and use any equipment, just no motorized stuff. You can take as much time as you want, but i'd rather just get as much yardage in as I can. DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT????!!!! HO HO HO!!! I'll probably wear big fins, paddles, and my snorkel and just swim away.


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  1. arthur's Avatar
    Happy holidays and happy new year!
  2. chowmi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by arthur
    Happy holidays and happy new year!
    Thank you and happy new year to you!!!
  3. chowsh's Avatar
    hey with the page revamp, i think i'm off the hook for keeping your blog 5 star ;-)

    you didn't tell your insanity story?