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I swim, therefore I am

Friday, December 28, 2012

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by , December 28th, 2012 at 04:34 PM (333 Views)
LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp of 75, pool at 82, 97% water clarity.
Sunny with humidity at 68%

Warm up
600 FR/BK by 50
400 K, 100 each IMO
3x100 FR on 2:00 (desc 1-3), 100 EZ BK

  • Did 1:18, 1:17, 1:17

200 FR as 25 Strong, 25 EZ

*Set 1*
5(3x100 FR on 2:00 desc 1-3, 100 EZ BK)

  1. 1:15, 1:14, 1:14
  2. 1:15, 1:13, 1:13
  3. 1:14, 1:13, 1:13
  4. 1:13, 1:12, 1:12
  5. 1:13, 1:11, 1:11

*Set 2*
3x200 Back on :30 rest as 50 smooth/50 strong
3x200 FR P w/paddles, buoy, tube on :30 rest as 50 smooth/50 strong

*Set 3*
1x1000 FR Swim w/fins, paddles
Steady state swim

Warm down:
100 EZ FR

Before arriving to the pool I had already done an early morning dryland session of one partial strength & core round, that included standing bent elbow lat pull downs at a new stack setting of 75 lbs. It felt great at the time, but later in the pool I realized again why I do most of my heavier dryland in the evening. In addition my age 9 daughter and I went to a local park where we did a 3x 1.3 mile loop around a part of the lake, where I walked at a 4.2 mile pace and she was on a razor scooter.

Warm up - At first I felt great, other than that the water felt warm. The round of 3x100 was supposed to be the start of Set 1, where my goal was to start at 1:15 and descend as best possible. Typical of me, not to warm up with enough pace work and just jump in pace set that requires both physical and mental focus. I felt so crappy, and just struggled to do 1:18 to 1:17, so I was thinking today is certainly not going to be "at my best".

Set 1 - After those first three really ugly 100s, I stopped for a bit, swim several lengths steady in the stroke form I wanted to the 100s in, decided to start over and step up my effort. They all hurt, and no strategic pacing, managing my kick, making the first 50 smooth/second 50 really strong made any difference. What is so contrary, is that after the first round of enduring several struggling finishes, I started to go a little faster even though the effort and struggle was not any easier throughout the entire set. On the last one I hoped to do a 1:10, but it was not there today.

Set 2 - I like to swim long smooth backstroke for recovery, and the sun in the eyes is distracting, but I swim by the lane line to keep straight and still keep my head down in the water looking straight up. So far I have not found any prescription goggles that are as dark as some of the regular goggles.

Set 3 - Even though I was still a bit wiped out from Set 1, I really wanted to try swimming LCM with fins/paddles. Well Celestial was right, it is hard. But I really like it, the way my FR stroke rotates and how fast the pool bottom goes by.

When I got out of the pool, by my arms ached a bit and I was trembling slightly. But after the shower, gulping down my homemade protein shake, some food, and stretched a bit, I felt pretty good. I will need to have at least one full day of rest this weekend, no swimming or drylands.

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