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Mid-day swim

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I had a pleasant mid-afternoon swim today—mostly solo, but I got to share the first part with Paul, who was the very first masters swimmer I met down here. He remains a favorite seasonal swim buddy, so it was a treat to get to swim with him some today. Here’s what I did:

1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 IM d/s by 25)

10 x 50 FR:

  • 3 long and relaxed @ :55
  • 3 moderate @ :50
  • 3 fast @ :45 [held 35s]
  • 1 easy

Pace set—goal was to swim FRs < 1:20 pace
100 FR @ 1:30
100 IM easy @ 2:00
200 FR @ 3:00
100 IM easy @ 2:00
300 FR @ 4:00
100 IM easy @ 2:00
400 FR @ 5:20
100 IM easy

Kick set
8 x 50 kick @ 1:00, odds IM order, evens RIMO

300 warmdown plus play

Today was overcast, but last night was gloriously clear. We went out for a beach walk after the full moon was up, and marveled at how bright the beach was. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing bioluminescence in the water, or just the moon’s light reflecting in the breaking waves, but it was beautiful whatever it was.

I got a nice compliment at the grocery store today, from the check-out clerk: “I think that’s the healthiest buggy I’ve seen all week long!” (Grocery carts are called buggies down here.)

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