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01.01.13 - New Year's day swim

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by , January 1st, 2013 at 09:57 PM (1362 Views)
Swam w/ Roger, Dave, Dave and Danny. Started the year by doing our annual polar bear jump in my neighbor's pool at midnight. Rumor has it the temp was 45 this year. It was nasty cold. I took a deep breath in and dove. As I hit, everything felt like it constricted inside of me and I started gasping as I glided to the shallow end. I stood up still gasping for air getting only short breaths. Finally, as I walked up the stairs, I regained full breathing and felt better. The 50 degree air w/ light drizzle suddenly seemed a lot warmer. This is one of those things that I'm not quite sure why I do it. I suppose there is the rush of adrenaline when I hit the cold water. It's exhilarating, painful and somewhat scary all at once.

The pool actually opened today. Most of the team met at 10:00 AM for a swim. Afterwards, we went to Dave's house to watch football and consume food. We excelled at the latter part. Had a great time and really enjoyed the company.


600 Warm up

13 x 200 (various intervals)
* 1-5 Convert IM -> IM Kick: 3:15, 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35
* 6-9 Convert IM Kick -> Backstroke: 3:30, 3:25, 3:20, 3:15
* 10-13 Convert Backstroke -> Free: 3:05, 2:55, 2:45, 2:35 (made 2:18 on last one)

9 minutes (maybe it was 11?) 50 easy fly/50 easy choice, repeat
I did 550 yds

3 Rounds of:
* 100 Easy Pull - 1:30
* 2 x 25 Hard stroke - :40
* 100 Easy Pull - 1:30
* 2 x 25 Hard kick - :40
Dave and I ended up racing the pull instead of taking it easy. Eventually, we were doing 1:03s (I think he was near 1:00 on a couple of them)

100 Cool down

(4750 Total)

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    That sounds like a fun polar bear ritual. I have only done one polar bear swim, though it was on the 4th of July. However, it was the Bering Sea, so it was plenty cold!