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Rainy LCM workout

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After an extended relaxing/dreamy/lazy weekend, I decided it was time to get back to work in the pool today. And there’s nothing like a drive through the dark cold rain to drive home the point that I’m actually somewhat serious about this swimming stuff—not because I’m willing to put up with such conditions to get to masters workout, but because there was absolutely nothing I could think of that I’d rather be doing than swimming a workout outdoors in those conditions! Luckily—that one black-eyed pea I left on my plate on New Year’s must have been working—the pool was open, and was set up long course, and Coach Phil was on deck with his umbrella, ready and enthusiastic.

Air temps were in the 40s, but the pool was quite warm, around 82. I started the workout under the stadium lights, against which the predawn sky seemed pitch black. Gradually the sky lightened, the rain stopped, and I enjoyed watching clouds move across the sky as I did backstroke. Here’s how the workout went:

500 lcm warmup

8 x 50, odds drill, evens build [I did 2 each stroke IM order]

Happy New Year’s set—lucky 13
13 x 150, done as

  • 4 descend [FR/BK/FR sandwiches @ 2:45, went 2:20 on fastest]
  • 1 easy
  • 3 descend [IM minus FR @ 3:00, went 2:40 on fastest
  • 1 easy
  • 2 descend [backstroke sandwiches again, 2:17]
  • 1 easy
  • 1 descend [IM – FR, 2:36]

50 easy

6 x 100 (50 kick / 50 swim with kick)

300 warmdown + play

I would have liked to stay in longer, but higher on the agenda today was a drive up to Alabama to visit my relatives. Looking forward to more LCM swimming next week!

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