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The wierdness one sees @ 0530

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by , January 4th, 2013 at 07:23 AM (1843 Views)
A lot of my swimming has been done at 5:30 AM. This is a different world from the lunch time swims, or the early evening after work swims. Unlike other times of the day swimming at sparrows fart is part getting out of bed and getting to the pool, then seeing all the weirdness in between.

Here is a brief list of oddities....

1/ driving to the pool and seeing people doing the walk of shame from the night before.
2/ getting into the pool and waiting a good 15 min for the lifeguard to saunter up to their post.
3/ the territorial behavior of picking a lane. it usually is a first come first serve. But certain lane mates are "hard to swim with."
4/ the lapper... that one person who is oh so fast and they tend to try to pass you when you are less than 1 foot from the wall
5/ people who actually steal your kick board.... really you can't walk the extra 5 steps to get your own
6/ the half awake lane hog. love how they drift over
7/ the gaggle of swimmers who all are practicing the same workout and belong to some phantom team who take up half the lane space. I also love how they all gather in the deep end and chat for a good 5 min. It's early in the morning, go swim and then go to work.

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