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Friday, 01/04/13

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by , January 4th, 2013 at 11:50 AM (412 Views)
Was supposed to get there early to swim with Jenna & Marci until 6:30 - the alarm was ignored for 20 minutes, and I ended up being about 8 minutes late (arriving) 15 min late getting in. We stayed way over in lane one, where they usually have the slower/older people swimming. We really disrupted some people's morning today! The "leisure" swimmers, as I call them, kept giving us these looks, like, what are you doing in my lane? But no one asked us to move. One Triathlete guy did join us right as we began the main set, and tried to draft off us, but after about 1800, he got out. If I wasn't dragging so bad myself, I would've laughed, but even now, almost 4 hours after getting out of the pool, my arms are just so darn tired, it isn't even funny. I'm truly grateful that this isn't Saturday, and I don't have practice again at 3pm. It's really starting to wear on me, all this distance. I keep telling myself, that I'm building up some endurance, which will do me good down the road, especially on my next 500 (race - in a meet), but right now, I'm just on autopilot. Here's what we did today:

300 choice
500 "locomotive"
200 breast kick
4 x 150 P no paddles, speedplay by 50 on 2:30
4 x 100 stroke/free by 50 on 1:40
500 K "locomotive"
10 x 50 on :50 (70-80-90%)
100 easy/bathroom break
Three times thru:
400 P on 6:20
300 stroke (breast) (don't remember interval)
2 x 100 "quality" kick on 2:00
2 x 50 fly on 1:00
100 easy
1:00 rest
300 easy cooldown
Total: 6700

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