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Just keep kicking

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by , January 4th, 2013 at 07:02 PM (451 Views)
Still kicking along, averaging 3 practices a week for the past 3 weeks. Getting in about 23-2500 per practice, but I did a solid 3000 on New Years day practice just to start 2013 off right! Gotta say that my legs have been feeling pretty dead lately, and I anticipate that my pants will fit tighter in the thigh area soon lol.

Last time I mentioned that I had purchased a training snorkel, and I must say this might be the best swim toy EVER. Makes kicking on my stomach with my arms at my side a total breeze, even though looking at all the dirt and hairballs at the bottom of the pool gets a little boring after a while lol (sometimes I try to imagine the hairballs and bandaids as tropical fish and corals). But I could literally kick all day long with my snorkel. It’s amazing how relaxed you become and how your swimming transforms when you have a full and unrestricted supply of air…and I’m just kicking! I cannot wait to use it with strokes and drills when my shoulder is all healed. I can already feel my core and my lungs getting stronger. I’ve been called a ‘roller’ with my freestyle before and coach was always telling me to ‘anchor my vessel’….so spending several weeks doing nothing but kicking on the straight and narrow will only help! Also, apparently kicking this way is allowing me to practice true ‘forward’ kicking rather than ‘upwards’ kicking that you do when using a kickboard (read this in some USMS training article). So if you don’t already use a training snorkel I highly recommend you give it a try! What an awesome tool!

Still making improvements at PT….had my appointment earlier this week and I am improving spot on schedule. Forward flexation is now at 160 degrees (last session was 152) which is actually considered in the ‘normal’ range, but I still have a bit further to go to match the flexibility of my other arm. External rotation was at 55 (last session 50) and this time my lateral external rotation (lying down with my arm abducted at 90 degrees) was measured, and that was 70 degrees (normal range 80-90, so I’m definitely on track!). I was then put through a few isometic strength tests which I easily passed. I left with one additional exercise to do with weights and I was upgraded to the next stretch band level. Officially going to PT every other week now!

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