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After a long rest

Week 13 - Saturday stretch

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Today only my daughter wanted to go to the pool. My son had a friend over and I guess sitting two feet away from his buddy and skyping was a more interesting prospect than hanging out with dad. It was a good swim day despite this setback. I felt stiff in the tris and Lat's but after the warmup the pain eased up. I actually felt quite good by the end.


400 free
400 drill, 25 finger drag and 25 catchup
400 stroke, breast and back

Main set

4x500 on 6.15. I went 5.25s and felt quite easy.

Warm down

300 easy
i then practiced some backstroke turns with my daughter. She is too close to the wall and goes over in a tight ball instead of stretching out. As a consequence she gets no push off. She worked on it yesterday and today and is looking better.

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