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I swim, therefore I am

Monday, January 7, 2013

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by , January 7th, 2013 at 03:40 PM (433 Views)
SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
Air temp of 76, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
Cloudy skies with humidity at 73%

Warm up
200 FR
4x50 FR K on 1:00 desc 1-4
4x50 FR P on 1:10 desc 1-4
8x25 FR S on :30 desc 1-4,5-8

*Set 1*
6x200 FR on 2:40 desc 1-3,4-6

  • Did 2:18, 2:16, 2:14, 2:17, 2:15, 2:12

*Set 2*
1000 FR Pull w/paddles, tube, bouy
Steady state swim

*Set 3*
6x200 K on 3:30, Done as;

  1. 50FR/50BK 3:01
  2. 50BK/50FR 3:00
  3. 50DK-Bd/50DK-bk 2:56
  4. 50DK-Bk/50DK-Bd 2:51
  5. 50BR-Bd/50BR-Bk 3:05
  6. 50BR-Bk/50BR-Bd 3:03

*Set 4*
4(4x75 FR on 1:15, 1 min rest) Desc 1-4 within each round, Results:

  1. 51, 49, 48, 47
  2. 49, 48, 47, 46
  3. 50, 49, 47, 46
  4. 49, 48, 46, 46

Warm down
200 EZ

Had to swim SCY at FMAC since FGCU was unavailable due to the three day weekend swim meet.

  • Warm Up - Basic pace work to get ready for set 1.
  • Set 1 - Just wanted to see what I could do on 2:40 for 200s. I expected to start at 2:24 and desc from there, but the first 200 came in at 2:18, so had to go downward from there. I was pleased to go 2:12 on the last one.
  • Set 2 - First FR pull with paddles, bouy, tube in about three weeks. Will do something like this about one or two times each week. Planning to do more of the paddle swimming with fins.
  • Set 3 - Working to build up more kicking endurance and strength.
  • Set 4 - I wanted to swim freestyle at strong descending pace with smooth controlled stroke and steady kick.

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Updated January 7th, 2013 at 04:09 PM by fdtotten

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Nice job on the descending 200s. How did you feel when you got to those 75s? It looks like you had some really fast swims in the 75 set. That's awesome.
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    Yes, I was pleased with the 75s. Before starting that set, I had about 10 minutes rest because a recently arrived snowbird swimmer I swam with last year got in the lane next to me, and we talked for a bit.

    Day by day, and week by week I am gradually feeling stronger in the water in both pulling and kicking. While still mildly sore at times, I finally mostly recovered from the adjustment to the current level of weight stacks in my home dryland work. Also I have spent considerable time in the community HOA pool working on strong kicking with/without a board, and strong sculling in Free, Breast, and Fly (it's too risky to do backstroke in that pool). Swimming with paddles as well as the paddles with fins has also been demanding but fun to work hard while swimming really fast.

    I think everything helps, however my most personal goal is to keep trying to be mentally strong towards challenging myself each session. I want that confidence of knowing I have worked hard when participating in a USMS 5/10K OWS or swim meet.