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01.07.12 - Monday workout... sort of

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by , January 7th, 2013 at 09:27 PM (622 Views)
Swam at Anaheim Marriott pool solo. Swimming options are slim for the next couple days. I was pleased to see the Marriott pool was about 25 yards. I walked it off this morning and it indeed looks to be about that size. The pool is a sort of l-shape with lots of odd angles. The ends of the "L" both had stairs but if figured it wouldn't kill me to flip before the wall. So, I started off at the only wall and swam toward the stairs that were furthest from me. As I got closer and closer, it kept getting shallower. Suddenly, my fingers are touching the bottom and I've got 10 feet to go. I got to the stairs and sat down it what was the "toddler end". Maybe 18 inches. That's what I had to work with so I made the best of it. Had to learn to make an awkward open turn in shallow water but it worked out.


300 Warm up

25 easy (so I could flip at the "deep" end)
10 x 50 (hard fly/breast down, easy free back)
25 easy
10 x 100 Pull
50 Easy
12 x 75 (mix of fly, breast, free)

300 Cool down

(3000 Total)

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