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joel schmaltz

1-7-13 Feelin' Tight

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Typical Monday at work. A little more physical than usual. This might be the reason I felt so tight through the following.

500 swim
400 pull
300 no walls , I hate these swims
200 IM kick
100 non free, went 50 bk, 50 br
5 x 50 @ 55, 3/4 catch up drill, Love this drill

7 x 50 kicking drills w/fins on coaches whistle
--coaches choice

swim @ 1:30 base
100, 200, 300, 200, 100
--hold constant pace throughout

rest 2 min

pull @ 1:25 base
100, 200, 300, 200, 100
--hold constant pace throughout

5 x 50 @ 55 stroke sprint/ez free by 25
--went fly, bk, br, bk, br

100 w/d and home to watch the game


Although I felt really tight I swam pretty well. Getting better at pacing and "swimming" my own race at practice.

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Good morning Joel,

    What is a "no walls" and 3/4 catch-up drill?

    Also, already renewed my usms registration, still as unattached, but to climb aboard your team I just contact Jeff Stone, right?

  2. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    No walls, this is when you flip at the "T" fast and have to use your pull and legs to get going. You don't push off the wall.

    3/4 catch up is like the normal catch up drill except you start your pull when your recovering hand reaches your head. I have seen some distance swimmers swim this way. It is almost like having a long pause before starting the pull.

    I believe that you would just need to contact Jeff and let him know. I think that because you are currently unattached that there is no waiting period but would need to look it up or ask Jeff to confirm that.
    SC scy state meet here at the beach in Feb. Let me know if you are interested.