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I swim, therefore I am

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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by , January 8th, 2013 at 03:38 PM (301 Views)
LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp of 77, pool at 79, 99% water clarity.
Sunny with humidity at 66%

Warm up
3x100 FR SKP
4x100 as 2(25 fast/25 smooth), 2(25 smooth, 25 fast)

*Set 1*
1200 FR Swim as;
4(50 steady/50 fast, 100 steady/100 fast)

*Set 2*
3(4x200 on :30/:45 rest) per round; FLY, BK, BR; do 200s 1-4;

  1. 200 Kick
  2. 200 as 50K/50DR
  3. 200 as 50/DR/50S
  4. 200 Swim as 25 steady/25 strong

*Set 3*
10x100 FR Swim on :10 rest w/paddles, snorkel as 50 steady/50 strong

*Set 4*
1000 FR Swim as steady state w/paddles, fins, snorkel

Warm down:
100 EZ FR

Starting today, I should be able to train LCM more consistently and build up my LCM endurance and sense of LCM pacing. Yesterday after the workout with two breakthrough sets of SCY 200s and 75s, I felt fine with minimal aches, and soreness. Then I did stretches, dryland work, had plenty of protein, fluids, solid meals throughout the day, and a good night's sleep. Yet, this morning while not really sore or tired at the start, in the warm up I could feel the effects of yesterday's workout. I was not planning to go hard today anyway, put the focus on stroke form, technique, effort and not on times off the clock.

Set 1 - I like to do swims going steady and then fast, etc.

Set 2 - Eventually I will train to swim a 400 or 200 IM, so keeping the strokes in the program 3-4 times weekly.

The breakthrough today in Sets 3 & 4 was that I finally started doing flip turns with the snorkel. Since I got the snorkle about 6 months ago, I struggled on freestyle flips as the snorkel kept moving and coming off on hard pushoffs. So eventually I put 2+2 together and made the snorkel head straps much tighter, and that made the difference. Sometimes it will still shift slightly and is not straight, which bothers me, so I use my arms on the recovery stroke to give it shove back in alignment.

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