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David W Cochran

Wednesday, Jan 9 - Making Up for Yesterday

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Yesterday morning I stayed in bed and skipped swimming. I felt like I was on the edge of getting sick so I figured rest was more important than swimming. Made it to the pool this morning even though I was still tired and had a good swim, but am paying the price now. I wanted to get a good workout in and make up some for yesterday. So, I did 6000 yards. My upper arms felt weak and my speed wasn't all there but made it through and actually felt stronger at the end and pretty good afterwards. Well it was downhill from there. On my to bed now. I may make it to men's group in the morning and I may not, but I will not be swimming.

There was a small group at the pool today - Dave, Dave, Andrei, and Danny. They were doing a sprint workout on intervals that I had to swim straight through. So, their sprint workout - my distance workout.

4x100 Free on 1:40
400 Free - 5:30
16x50 (800)Swim/Kick IM order
8x50 (400) Swim IM order (have never done IM this early in a workout - or this much, nor swam straight through the 50's)
4x50 Kick
3x400 on 6:30 - 1st Free, 2nd & 3rd Back w/paddles
500 Free w/paddles (6:55)
100 Kick
5x100 Free on 1:35
5x100 Back w/paddles on 1:35
5x100 Free w/paddles on 1:30
200 Back w/paddles - 2:50
200 Free w/paddles - 2:45
100 BAck w/paddles - 1:23

6000 yards
115 minutes

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