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Taper day...

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by , January 12th, 2013 at 04:11 PM (632 Views)
I know, I know, a single EZ day does not a taper make. I had considered not going in at all today and just counting on my warm-up tomorrow to work out any kinks. I woke up this morning really tight, and thought it might be worth it just to go in for a few hundred yards and try to loosen up. Also gave me a chance to take the new speedo jammers out for a test drive. Did 825 yards; mostly Free and Back, practiced some back starts.

I spent some time in steam and sauna (drank about 80 oz of water) to try to sweat out whatever toxins I couldn't work out in the pool. I feel a lot looser now. Time to rest. Have to get an early start tomorrow morning; the meet's about an hour and a half away. Meet starts at 9AM with warm-up at 8AM.

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  1. rxleakem's Avatar
    Enjoy the racing tomorrow!
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks! Heading out in just a few... winter storm rolled in last night, so have to take it a little slower on the way up.