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Oconomowoc YMCA, WI Masters Meet

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by , January 13th, 2013 at 04:16 PM (1160 Views)
The roads south of Milwaukee were pretty dicey and it was still snowing a bit when I left this morning, but by the time I hit the bypass and headed west the roads cleared nicely. I made it in time to change and take full advantage of the warm-up.

I'm pretty happy with this meet; I think there were only a couple of others in my age group so I focused on racing the folks around me whose seed times were similar. It was nice to be pushed and I PR'd each of the events I entered; and think I might have even won a few of my heats. Here were my events (seed times) and results:

50 Back (:50)--:44.89, 1st in age group.
100 Free (1:20)--1:15.14, 2nd.
100 IM (1:35)--1:29.77, 2nd.
500 Free (7:50)--7:38.48, 2nd.
100 Breast (1:45)--1:37.62, 1st

Scotty took first in the 100 IM and 500 FR in our age group and had a good meet. He was swimming in the faster heats (usually a heat after me), though we ended up in the same heat of the 500. I felt like my technique on freestyle was all off... the times are faster, but I was all over the place... I'm interested to see what my splits were in the 500; another Kenosha Y swimmer was watching my 100 free and said I was pretty close to even split (about :36 at the 50 mark), I pulled even with and may even have passed the swimmer in the lane next to mine on the final length, his seed time was 1:16... both of us were in the 1:15s, leading the heat. Fun. But I felt like both freestyle events were missed opportunities... my left goggle filled up with water at the start of both, and so that distraction means I wasn't really thinking about form, tempo, etc... yuck. The 500 was a sub 1:32/100 pace, but I feel like it could have been better.

I had the most fun with the "new" events/strokes: I really enjoyed the backstroke and the 100 IM was fun as well. The dreaded (for me) backstroke may be my new favorite! I wore my OW National Champs lime green cap and the timer for my 100 IM said, "This is an interesting contrast, I wouldn't have expected that cap in this event." She commented afterward that my back was probably my best leg and that my turn-over was really good. I wouldn't have predicted that two weeks ago! In my 50 back I had a good start and nailed the turn.

I also think it's pretty funny that I was first place in the breast in my age group (and won the heat), when that is clearly my worst stroke and the one I was most worried about going in.

All and all a fun time

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  1. ekw's Avatar

    Great swims!
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job, especially with trying out the new events.
  3. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    All that hard work is paying off. Nice to see you beat all your seed times. Great job!
  4. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks a lot, guys! I like this whole meet thing and will probably keep doing it... if for no other reason than it's a great motivator and wonderful excuse to swim in "other people's" pools!