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Day-after workout...

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by , January 14th, 2013 at 08:42 PM (329 Views)
I was pretty sore last night and early this morning. My body is used to threshold or aerobic paces for long times and distances, but is responding less enthusiastically to the short intense bursts required of the pool events.

I did some yoga this morning and afterward felt really good for about five or ten minutes before all the tightness started to creep back in. Mostly I'm tight on my left trapezius which I think reveals a technique flaw making one of my strokes imbalanced or a muscle imbalance that racing the strokes is just now making me aware of. Either way a technique day was in order. I did work on technique some and tried to swim slowly but smoothly for a while, but my body was still a bit amped up from the meet, so my pace was all over the place and I felt creaky for the first 1500 yards or so. Then Scotty wanted me to do some 100s with him. He likes to do long rests and short, hard swims. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I told him I'd do a few with him and see if I could keep up. We did 4 x 100 alternating free and breast... I beat my seed times on all reps... where did that come from? Here's the workout:

400 EZ swim (100 fr, 100, bk, 100 br, 100 fr)
4 x 100 pull w/ buoy on 2:00 (desc. 1:34-1:24)
2 x 100 IM kick

11 x 100 (1-5 fr; 6-7 bk; then w/ Scotty: fr 1:15, br 1:37, fr 1:17, br 1:38*)
500 fr (8:15--tried to relax, but couldn't find a rhythm, pace was all over the map)

4 x 50 on 1:15 (bk) or 1:00 (fr)--alt. bk and fr
200 IM (relaxed, sub 3:40)

3000 SCY in 90 mins(?)**

*The 4 x 100 I swam with Scotty we were going under for the push off at :57, so these times are a little fast (closer to 1:18-1:20 for the fr and 1:40 for the br), but I felt more in control on the frees than I did on free at the meet yesterday. I had a second, maybe third gear on the last 25 and closed the gap between us (which is usually a body-length or two by the 75-yard mark).
** There was a lot of chatting going on! Really don't like such long gabby breaks between swims; my first 1700 by myself went by pretty quickly (maybe 30-35 minutes) even with the longer intervals to help me focus on form. I do like the speed I'm able to muster during the swims as a result of the breaks, but my instincts from years of distance running tell me that the sprint stuff has to be sparing and well under control to avoid injury.

Tomorrow I'm going to do my first dry land workout in almost a year (aside form the yoga, of course): I think I'm going to work through Salo/Riewald's Preliminary phase Workout I for Masters, then do II and III on Thursday and then Saturday/Sunday.

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