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I swim, therefore I am

Monday, January 14, 2013

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by , January 14th, 2013 at 09:06 PM (279 Views)
SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp of 76, diving well pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
Sunny with humidity at 70%

Warm Up
200 FR DPS
200 Kick Scull
4x50 FR/fins on 1:30 desc 1-4; did 27-27-26-25
3x50 FR on 1:15 desc 1-4; did 30-29-28-27

*Set 1*
T-30 FR Swim #1; did 2512yds
200 DPS Backstroke

T-30 FR Swim #2 w/paddles; did 2625yds
200 BR Kick

*Set 2*
4(3x50 FR Kick on 1:00, 2x50 FR Strong on 1:15)

  1. 44, 45, 45, 29, 28
  2. 45, 45, 44, 28, 28
  3. 44, 43, 43, 28, 28
  4. 43, 44, 43, 28, 27

Warm Down
300 FR DPS

Upon arrival I found out that FGCU LCM pool will remain as 2xSCY courses at least through college swim team season. It appears to be a very recent decision, schedules had already been printed with LCM pool lap swimming times for the entire Spring Semester. While I was looking forward to swimming LCM, I can certainly understand why the coaching staff chooses to practice SCY during the the SCY college season.

Today I was in the diving well as the life guards were short staffed and wanted everyone in one pool. At least the water was not too hot.

Set 1 - Did two T30 swims one straight FR and another one as FR with paddles. 2500 for 30 minutes is where I need to be and just barely made it. There is much I have to work on as I was coming up short and breathing early off the flip turns. But my stroke felt strong with a consistent EVF front end.

Set 2 - This is the first time doing 50 FR kick at/under :45 in 20 years, and also did some more 50s FR under 30.

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