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Conditioning; slow day in the pool...

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by , January 15th, 2013 at 08:50 PM (420 Views)
After doing one set of everything in the dry land conditioning routine today (I'm going to be feeling those lunges tomorrow... and the next day!) I got into the pool and swam some pretty slow times. I just had nothing left in the tank, only did 2800. My yardage is way down over the last couple of weeks, but since I've been doing more speed work and stroke work my body feels like it's putting in 5000-yard days instead of 2500-3500. Today I felt doubly bad because not only did I only swim 2800, but I swam it with painful slowness!

2800 SCY/70 mins.:

400 swim on 7:00 (6:44; fr)
4 x 100 on 2:00 (1:30-1:33)
2 x 100 IM kick on 3:00 (??)
10 x 100 on 1:50 (alt. fr and pull w/ buoy + paddles; these were all mid to high 1:30s)
5 min rest
Broken 800 IM (:10 rest after each rep)*:
4 x 50 fly
200 back
200 br
200 free

*I was so tired at this point that I honestly didn't pay attention to times, except I know my br had a lot of gliding and was probably averaging a 1:00/50; the free was about 3:20.

So, on the FLOG, what should I call the Salo/Riewald conditioning (dynamic warm-up, injury prevention, core stability, foundational strength) program? I used light weights a couple of times, but I wouldn't call that weightlifting. I put myself down for 20 minutes of pilates, but I'm not sure if that captures it either.

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