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David W Cochran

Tuesday, Jan 15 -

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The others had started 25 and 50 yard sprint sets when I got there. There was an open lane next to Keith had a lane, so I joined him. He had started a 500 so I warmed up with some 100's and then started in on a mainf set - up and down a laddrer. I can't say I like ladders, but I do think they are good workouts - combining speed/pace and endurance.

Had a first today - as small as it may seem. I did a 200 yard Breast - never swam Breast that far. My knee was starting to give the last 30 - 40 yards but it didn't hurt too bad - it was as much ability to keep a proper kick as it was pain.

Also worked my backstroke without paddles to get it in shape for the meet. I should do that more anyway.

5x100 Free on 1:30
Ladder set - 50 to 300 and 300 to 50 - in 50 yard increments; :45/50
100 Back/Breast
5x100 Back on 1:45
200 Kick
6x50 Back on :55
50 Fly
200 Kick
50 Fly
200 Breast
3x200 Back w/paddles on 3:05
200 Free w/paddles
2x100 IM on 2:00

5200 Yards
105 minutes

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