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Wed 01/16/13

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by , January 16th, 2013 at 09:04 AM (357 Views)
What is happening to January? Seems to be slipping away from me.

It's a good thing I get up at O'dark thirty (4:50am) because I am not aware of it being a dreary day when I get to the pool, thus it has not affected me emotionally. It is going to be a dreary misty/rainy/grey day, and probably bring some of Old Man Winter to town - which is only fair since we've been enjoying high 70's and low 80's for the past two weeks. If I didn't have to leave the house & actually go outside, I might enjoy a couple of cold wintery days - I could get caught up on stuff in the house. Anyway, like I said, it's a good thing I get up before I see the dreariness. The swimming helps me stay more positive, in spite of the weather, too.

Today was not my best workout. Can't believe I'm saying this, but there were just too dang many waves in my lane during the 12 x 100's, and I got a lot to drink on a couple of them, which helped me sorta lose my mojo.

600 back/free
300-200-100 P
12 x 50 @ :45
100 easy
12 x 100 @ 1:20
100 easy
8 x 25; drill, 4-cycle, 4-cycle, sprint; repeat
200 choice
6 x 100 K on 1:40
4 x 300 breast/free
Total: 5400 SCY

So, I'm on target for my GTD goal, fortunately. Heaven help me if I get sick or have some trip that messes with my yardage. I might never catch up if I let myself get behind this year.

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