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Not Again!!! Friday, Oct. 31

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by , October 31st, 2008 at 03:42 PM (1544 Views)
I decided to shirk all responsibilities today (or at least those prior to 2:00 pm) and just exercise like a fiend before Halloween. I was aiming for a "triple" -- spin, weights and swim. Got the first two workouts in, but after only a 1000 yards, a kid pooped in the pool and closed it down. Again. I'm starting to think that Geek is right and that the parent with pooping toddler should be banned from the pool for 2 weeks when this happens ... Now, I'm going to have to swim tomorrow on my planned day off. Anyway, I did:

60 minute spin class

60 minutes of light weights and core (finally got back to the gym after indulging in a few runs)

Swim, SCY:

650 swim/kick
200 fly drills
10 x 25 spin fly drill with MF

then came the accident.

I had planned on also doing:

5 x 50 BR drill with MF
5 x 200 fast kick
20 x 50 backstroke on :45

Will try to get this in tomorrow!

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  1. onefish's Avatar

    The toddler-pooping parent should be the ONLY one required to not leave the pool.

    Perhaps the Halloween candy offers solace.

  2. The Fortress's Avatar

    The Halloween candy did offer some solace, as did the witches' brew!
  3. poolraat's Avatar
    What was in the witches brew? I was really enjoying the hot cider (with Tuaca). I think that's why Carrie missed this morning's workout. lol
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    OMG, they were the most wicked margaritas EVAR with lovely aged tequila and numerous other ingredients. Then we moved on to champage from Barcelona. I'm not used to this kind of partying! But I am dragging my sorry ass to the pool today nevertheless.

    Did you get a good workout in despite the Halloween revelries?
  5. poolraat's Avatar
    I did. Look at my blog. That fast 100 back was in my top 5 ever.