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David W Cochran

Wednesday, Jan. 16 - Extending

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Swam by myself today. Smaller group than normal - Peter, Dave, Dave, Danny and a visitor from CA. They were doing 50 sprints and stuff, so I took off on my own.

I extended my ladder today and also did a lot more back stroke. Plus, it was a no paddle day. This was more of an endurance day and I put in a lot of yardage for the amount of time. Overall, a good workout.

Felt pretty good after swimming, but as the day went on my knee really started aching. Bad enough that it was hard to walk. Don't know if it's the swimming over the last three days or the weather. Anyway, started taking aspirin and ibuprofen. Tomorrow is a rest day, hopefully the knees will be better.

5x200 on 1:45
Ladder 100 to 500/500 to 100 in 100 increments - 1:30 per 100 (a 3000 yard set)
200 Kick
2x300 Back on 5:00
3x200 Back on 3:30
6x100 Back on 1:45 (trying to make sure I can finish a 200 Back and then a 200 IM)
100 Kick
200 IM (3:20)
200 Free

6000 yards
105 minutes

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