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Wednesday 01162013, kick in the speedo workout

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by , January 16th, 2013 at 11:25 PM (52 Views)
before I get into this morning's set, I didn't get out to bike yesterday, but I went up to spin class at the gym:

spin class @ Tempe 24 Hour Fitness 24 mi 01:10 20.6mph pace

I hadn't biked since last Thurs, yea I guess I could have managed some rides, the highs have been 45-50, but I just wasn't feeling it. but today I felt a bit guilty, so went up to spin class. I didn't care for it too much the last time (about a month ago), but today wasn't bad. it was more of a long sustained steady pace, with minimal 'hills' to work on. music was horrible, but oh well. my shirt was drenched when I finished, and there was a puddle under my bike. afterward, I told the instructor that it felt like I was on Riggs Rd riding around South Mountain--and he laughed
I did a cool-down swim in the gym pool after that, 600m, along with some stretching in the gym hot tub.

went up to Mesa-Kino this morning for the AM masters swim workout
we were in the main pool (SCY)
Paul coached solo

100 w/u

main set, no extra breaks:
4 x 300 @ 4:20
1 x 100 @ 1:15
3 x 300 @ 4:10
2 x 100 @ 1:20
2 x 300 @ 4:00
3 x 100 @ 1:25
1 x 300 @ 3:50
4 x 100 @ 1:30

after a min or so rest, we did a short wrap-up set:
10 x 25 @ :20, swim w/fins

200 w/d

TTL: 4550 yards

if this wasn't a kick in the speedo, I don't know what was. and these were the intervals for my lane (of 3), the fast folks, well I don't even want to know what their intervals were.

it was chilly again this morning, tho not as frigid as it had been. my car said 31F as I left home, and it actually went up to 33F by the time I got to Kino. I think it still dropped a hair, as my flip-flops were glazed over by the time I got out, but my mesh bag wasn't crunchy with ice.

as for that set... no, it was not pleasant at all, not in the least from the very beginning. my legs were really fried from that spin last night, and I drank quite a bit of G2 during and after it. I made the intervals, but it wasn't easy, even that 4:20. I think I got 5-8 sec on those, and have no idea how I did the 100 on 1:15. I just kept telling myself that there was no need to push too much, as things would just get worse. the 3 @ 4:10 got slightly better...but my rest was very minimal, and the 100s @ 1:20 still were right after each other.
I pulled the 2 300s @ 4:00 (paddles + buoy) and it really made a huge difference. got plenty of rest after those, then used the 100s @ 1:25 to recover more (swam those). just swam that last 300, but took off my drag suit, and kept up with the 2 others in my lane.

those last 25s were really just a leg burner. I made them all, but closed in on the gal ahead of me in the lane. would be interesting to do that without equipment.

after a rather crazy day at work (where all kinds of people suddenly needed to call me, all for various reasons), I barely made it out the door to get to Toastmasters. but was glad I went.

I went to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness to close out the day:
Tmill: 28 min, 380 cal, 3.32 miles, avg 7.1 mph
2 min warmup
Start at 6.8 mph, increase to 8.1 mph
A min cool down

Leg rolling: 5 min
Plank w forearms on green Swiss ball: 2 x 1:30
Side plank: continuous two rounds of 45 sec right, 45 sec left
Right into a min of normal plank

Push-ups: 4 x 25, began a new set every min, so ~35 sec rest

Stretches, including 3 downward dogs for 15 sec each

Pull-ups: 3 x 8 + 5 sec horiz legs (needed a little more rest between sets)

Leg raises on captain's chair: 3 x 15

then did an easy 300 yard recovery swim and some stretching in the hot tub.

I know I'm going to feel that push-up set late tomorrow or Friday. it felt good while I was doing it though...

it was really tough doing those pull-ups after that.

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice main set. I likey.