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No Slacking Permitted 01/18/2013

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by , January 18th, 2013 at 01:09 PM (1418 Views)
My Go The Distance 2013 goal: 1,000,000 M. Progress towards goal: 5.16%

Congratulations! You are on pace for achieving your goal this year:
My goal pace: 30.64 miles required as of today to reach my goal by the end of the event
My actual current pace: 32.06 miles as of today

I am pleased that I am where I need to be for my goal, and not behind (although the GTD genie says I'm behind every single day, before I post my workout - so I'm just barely keeping up!!)

600 back/free
400-300-200-100 P on 1:30 base interval
100 easy
4 x 100 K on 2:15
100 easy
9 x 100 on 1:30
1 min rest
100 sprint (1:18 -yuk)
200 choice
8 x 150 w/15 sec rest between each, first 4 free/kick/free, last 4 breast/free/breast

Total: 4400 LCM

Found out today that since the kids don't have school on Monday, practice will be 90 minutes instead of 60 - yea! I usually swim the last 30 minutes on my own, so that means I will get a 2 hour workout in on Monday, which should ramp up my yardage a bit. Plus tomorrow, we most likely will do 6000+ before they do goal sets. Oh Darn. I have a tennis match at 10am - guess I'll have to skip the goal sets, lol!

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    USAS workout are good for the workouts and the yardage. Even if you're not motivated to do much, just the group envirornment helps keep you going. I beleive I'm at the same GTD goal meterage this year...though I'm quite a bit ahead of my pace currently. I know I have to make up for some downtime periods I'm going to have this year, but I think I can still make 1000000M. Good luck with your meters as well!
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Yeah, GTD keeps sneaking up on me if I don't enter the yardage right away... like the cat and mouse game! That's an awesome goal, 1,000,000 M! I might be there next year if things go as planned. Good luck on the 6000 or so tomorrow!
  3. fdtotten's Avatar
    What is it like to play tennis after swimming 6,000+ LCM?
  4. Celestial's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fdtotten
    What is it like to play tennis after swimming 6,000+ LCM?
    Considering my arms were pretty tired, the first 3 games were lost. But after that, I was good. Of course it helped that actually we only 5000 before I got out on Saturday!