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3100 SCY in IM work

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by , January 22nd, 2013 at 05:46 PM (618 Views)
Mercifully, the temp in the pool was much more comfortable today; probably 83-84 at the start and headed down to 82 by the time I finished today, making it much easier to get through the workout. The water temp had to be low 80s at the highest this afternoon for a HS meet. Worked on my speed (such as it is!) today:

400 EZ Swim on 7:30 (6:50 fr)
4 x 50 fr on 1:00 (walked these back from :43 to :40)
300 in kick work (mostly breast)

16 x 25 fly on :45 (:18-:25)
1:00 rest
100 fly recovery (1:52)
1:00 rest
16 x 25 back on :45 (mostly :21)
1:00 rest
100 back recovery (1:50? can't remember)
16 x 25 breast on :45 (:22-:23)
1:00 rest
100 breast recovery (1:45)
16 x 25 free on :45 (:16-:18)
1:00 rest
100 free (1:21)

200 IM EZ (3:50)

Couple of notes: the work on 25s really helped me focus on faster turnover in the back and breast portions; the free was a piece of cake; and the fly wasn't too bad, after going out in :18 I held back to focus on form... and maybe 25 yards is the ideal distance for me to do that with fly now, since it is so new to me. My endurance with fly is getting better though; today I did 550 total fly, which is the most I've ever done of that stroke in a single workout.

Don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but my kick on breast and fly is asymmetrical. I'm pretty sure it has to do with an old hamstring injury in the left leg and IT band injuries on the right, which have created structural imbalances over the years... I'm working on that in part with yoga; but the asymmetry is really noticeable on the strokes where you really have to have a symmetrical kick... they don't want to work together. I tried slowing it down and focusing on my breast kick out-sweep on back and front, bringing the feet together is getting easier, but one leg wants to sweep out and down, the other out and up even as I try to lock down the rest of my body in the horizontal plane.

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  1. sickfish's Avatar
    100 fly recovery

    I like doing 25s of fly. Or even 12 1/2s. Everything I read says that there's no benefit to practicing fly once you're tired enough that your stroke suffers. And I know for sure that the butterfly that we all strive for and the butterstruggle I do at the end of a 200 are completely different strokes

    Doing short fast ones like this are a great way to work on your top speed. Keep it up!