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David W Cochran

Friday, Jan 25 - Another Bummer Friday

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Last Thursday we had a little freezing rain between 11am and 2pm. So, at 10am they decided to close the schools at 1pm - which was the worst possible time to put everyone on the roads. It was sunny by 4 and everything was pretty dry before dark. But, of course, they had to be safe and make sure it didn't come back over night, so they closed everything till 10 on Friday.

Well, they decided to out do themselves this week. I got up at 5am - low 40's, no rain - got to the pool and it was closed. Thursday night after we went to bed, they made a decision to delay opening everything until 10am Friday morning. Why? Because they say there was a possibility of freezing rain Friday morning.

The forecast Thursday night? A low of 33 at midnight with 0% chance of rain. A temperature of 35 with 20% chance of rain at 8am. A temperature of 45 with 80% chance of rain at 11am.

Don't know who they listen to; but, both weeks has been right on the mark. And our city and school officials - well they look like fools.

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