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7200 SCY

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by , January 26th, 2013 at 06:00 PM (1068 Views)
Today was "distance" day after having my first day out of the pool in almost a month yesterday. My first thousand or so felt very rusty, but I was fairly pleased with the fact that I was able to keep my workout in the "quality" zone by breaking up the swim into 100s and focusing on technique with each length of each rep... even with the short rests I felt like I was getting stronger as I went along. Honestly, the first couple of thousand had me questioning whether I would finish, but since the water was cooler than last week I did feel better toward the end.

5 x thru:
12 x 100 fr on 1:45 (1:29-1:38)
200 IM on 4:00 (mostly 3:50s, last one in 3:40)

finished w/ 200 cool-down

The wrinkle on this workout that is different from the 7200 workout that I did a month ago is the that the 200 "recovery" swim after each set of 100s is now a 200 IM. There is no way I could have done the workout I did today a month ago, so my "IM endurance" is getting better. Each set is exactly 25 minutes [x 5 = 125 minutes] and with cool-down the whole workout should have taken about 2 hours, ten minutes to finish. I finished in 2:15 because I took a Masters' minute break after the 4th set to talk to Scotty. My fifth set was much better as a result.

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    nice 2 IMs in that very long workout Alex. Inspiring, i think.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    It's always a great feeling when you go from sluggish to feeling great. Sometimes rest has that affect. Nice job.
  3. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I feel like both my speed and my endurance are better in the last month as I've started incorporating those other strokes in my workouts.