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Monday, December 28, 2013

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by , January 28th, 2013 at 06:21 PM (256 Views)
SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
Air temp of 64, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
Sunny skies with humidity at 70%

Warm up
200 FR Kick
8x25 on :30 w/Agility paddles, did 14s - 13s

*Set 1*
35x50 FR on :50, 30 max, 33 min

  • first two 50s were 33
  • all other 50s were 32 with some at 31 & 30

*Set 2*
300 FR DPS ABPT w/Agility paddles/snorkel

*Set 3*
15x100 FR on 1:40, 1:03 min, 1:06 max

  • #1,2,5,6,10 were 1:06
  • all other 100s were 1:05, two 1:04s & a 1:03

*Set 4*
200 FR Kick

*Set 5*
2(8x25 FR on :20, 1:00 rest)
did all 14
3x50 FR on 1:15
29, 28, 28

Warm down

First of all, let me say that the Agility paddles (medium size) are very useful and effective. They really assist with the EVF effort, and after taking them off, the stroke feels great right away. And it is possible to alternate using them in a set swimming with/without easily as there a no straps and can be put on quickly. I will order the larger ones to supplement the medium size paddles, but will use the medium size for all four strokes.

Sets 1 & 3 - What coach Chuck wanted me to do today was approximately 30 min each of 50s, 100s, and 200s at specified pace, but I ran out of time, so cut the 200s and did set 5 instead. The 50s felt great, the 100s were harder in part because I am still feeling my one hour postal swim effort. Also I need do more warm down after a long set like 35x50s.

Set 5 - I feel that my improvement recently is more due to building my speed, while sustaining my endurance. Speed is something that takes effort to acclimate to, and then to maintain just like distance, but if one does not do speedwork, than the distance work by it self does not prepare enough for racing. So although I was tired after sets 1 & 3, it was more important to me to do at least some speedwork before getting out rather than some of the 200s.

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