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David W Cochran

Monday, Jan 28 - Some Distance Swimming

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Peter, Dave, Dave, Roger, Danny, Meredith, and Andrei were there. Since they were starting to do something I knew I couldn't keep up with (long IM's and Kicks). Since there was a lane open, I did my own thing and worked on some distance. After this week we will start to taper for the Auburn meet on 2/16-2/17. So, I figure I should go ahead and work hard this week.

There was a new guy swimming next to me and doing some mid-distance. During my 1000 he provided a good pace, but he slowed down some after that. If he keeps coming maybe he can join me - and Keith and Ray when they show up again.

Peter gave me some breast stroke tips that should help. But, I also pretty much decided a 200 breast stroke was too much for my knee. So I'll stick to the 200 IM and 50 Fly - which will still be firsts for me.

5x100 Fr/Fr/Bk/Bk/Fr
1000 Free (13:42)
4 x 500 Free (7:07; 7:16; 7:17; 7:30) - Need to improve that endurance
5 x 100 Kick on 2:00
500 Back w/paddles 7:29
2 x 200 Back w/paddles
100 Kick
200 IM - 3:20
100 IM - 1:37
100 Breast
6 x 100 Free w/on 3:00

6000 Yards
110 minutes

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