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joel schmaltz

Its Monday all day long

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500 mix up
6 x 75 @ 1:30 w/fins
--50 sprint kick
--25 sprint swim
--went fl,bk,fr by 75
100 cruise

2 x through (focus on form and turns)
2 x 50 fly r/10
100 bk r/10
2 x 50 br r/10
100 free r/60
100 fly r/10
2 x 50 bk r/10
100 br r/10
2 x 50 fr r/60

Talked to coach for a few about my stroke

2 x through
200 @ 3:20 even split
2 x 100 @ 1:40 negative split
4 x 50 @ 55 descend
--pulled round one and went back on two

100 w/d


Felt pretty good tonight. The stroke set was nice to work on form and turns while not stressed with a interval. On the last set I should have pulled on a faster interval but did well on the the backstroke round. Backstroke is feeling really good latly. I have been working on my pacing and I think it is paying off.

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