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Thursday 01312013

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by , January 31st, 2013 at 07:04 PM (27 Views)
went over to Chandler-Nozomi during lap swim

400 w/u

10 x 50, swim w/fingertip paddles
done 25 back/25 breast

100 easy

300 kick, board only. did a mix of free, breast, and a little fly

100 easy

300 pull w/large paddles + buoy
200 swim free
100 breast

4 x 100 kick w/fins + board done:
* dolphin
* flutter
* dolphin on back (no board)
* flutter on back (no board)

2 times through, swim w/fins--
25 easy free
25 fast fly

100 easy

100 breast swim w/breaststroke fins
200 free build
300 pull w/paddles + buoy

200 w/d

TTL: 3400 yards

was surprised that there were actually other people there. at one point almost a full pool. not only that, but as some people got out, a few more came. lap swim goes 5:30 to 7:30am. I got out around 7:15, and a guy was just getting in...15 min isn't that much time to do much.

about halfway through my swim, I noticed a paceclock on one side of the pool. temps were around 40F, the water was a bit toasty, and there was so much steam coming up that I just didn't see it. it was only an analog clock...we have nice digital clocks at Kino.

the swim felt pretty good. wanted to do a mix of some distance with some drills. had a few things in mind going, but for the most part made it up as I went along.

even with missing a few days in January, I still swam 41.17 miles for the month. A little behind where I should be for my 500 mile annual goal, but I'm not overly concerned.
interestingly, the person who writes the high intensity workouts is one person bringing down our team's average distance

I was able to slip out for a nice little spin on my bike, very similar to what I did Tuesday:
Ahwatukee spin 46.01 mi 02:35 17.8mph pace

Another little spin over to Ahwatukee. Did the hill, turned around, then up the backside. There was some wind, which seemed to change direction at me :/

The curse of wind here... seems when it isn't boiling hot, the wind comes in to take place of the heat.
I've chatted with some other cyclists, and we all would rather the heat over the cold, especially wind. after living here so long, I can tolerate cycling even up to 100 or so. after putting in so many running miles in the heat, cycling is so much easier.

was a little lighter of a month for cycling, just 406 miles. but weather, illness, injury all seemed to get in the way. last summer, I regularly got in 600+ (I think my max was 685).
I chatted with the spin instructor after class recently, and he said this should be your base building season anyway, and not to get too crazy (yet) with long rides or climbs.

I am trying to put together a group for a ride to/from Tucson. down one day, back the next. from Chandler it is about 90 miles each way, via Florence and Oracle (although it technically is legal to ride on the I-10 in spots, I think I'd need my sanity checked to actually do it). hopefully in late Feb/early March, while the weather is nice. maybe 4 or so people and someone in a truck for support/gear (I'm not going out to dinner in my cycling outfit).

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