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52 miles in January

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by , January 31st, 2013 at 10:51 PM (583 Views)
I checked my FLOG after entering the yardage from today and I'm over 52 miles for January. Think it has to do with the fact that I'm swimming almost every day. Last January I was swimming longer workouts, but fewer days and only ended up in the 40s. We'll see how long I can keep it up, what w/ the deadlines closing in and all. Having meets to prepare for, rather than just the distant future of an open water season, is helping me to stay on task. Plus, I've only been working on all four strokes for a little more than a month and I'm really liking it (the learning curve is always steepest at the beginning).

Today was supposed to be an EZ day in the pool followed by a 30-minute strength/core conditioning session. The pool work felt a lot harder than an easy day should feel though.

1000 Free warm-up (moderate pace, build)--16:30
1:30 rest
100 Fly on 2:30
100 Fly/BK on 2:30
100 Bk on 2:15
100 BK/Br on 2:15
100 Br on 2:15
100 Br/Fr on 2:00
100 Fr on 1:45
100 Bk on 2:15
100 Fr on 1:45
100 Bk on 2:15
:45 rest
8 x 50 on 1:00 (2 x thru the 200 IM order)
600 free in 10:00

3000 SCY/60 minutes

I actually thought I'd be able to hold a 2:00 interval on all the 100s, but I was feeling a bit tired, so I thought it would be better to swim each rep of the other strokes with some more rest and keep my technique strong. The idea of the 10 x 100 was to work each leg of the 400 IM, broken up by the 100-yard segments of the 200 IM (so the fly/back 100 of the 200 IM, for example). That 100 fly was tough after last night's workout. I counted my stroke cycles, though, and on all the 25-yard fly lengths I did today I was doing 4-6 dolphins and 8-10 complete stroke cycles... don't know if that's good or bad, but it gives me something to pay attention to and try to improve.

The 50s: original plan was to do 20 x 50 (5 x thru the 200 IM order: 50 fly, 50 bk, 50, br, 50 fr) and then do a quick cool-down. I read the calendar wrong, however, and got to the 2400 mark and was told I only had ten minutes left before the HS swim team needed the pool (I thought they didn't start till 4PM today and it was 3:20!)... so I said "perfect, 1:40/100 pace gives me exactly 600 yards in 10:00, which puts me at 3000." A longer cool-down than expected, but the stroke 50s were feeling pretty tough and I probably shouldn't have been working the IM stuff so hard after the last 3-4 days. It was at this point that I remembered I needed to put in some dry land time in the gym anyway.

I felt pretty good going through drylands today. That is definitely improving; I'm not so concerned about it improving my times--that work is going to have to come in the pool itself--but my joints feel more "solid" and my abs and obliques aren't complaining so much about the plank and stability ball work. Anything to head off the injuries before they start!

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice going on clearing 50 miles in the month!