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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Fri, Feb. 1, 2013 7:00-8:30pmish

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Had a "sub" coach tonight...just one of our assistants. John is off at the H.S. boys district meet this weekend watching his son and the others swim this weekend. We had strict orders to follow the written workout, and any deviations or whining about it would be noted by the assistant. <-- that'll be us on Monday when John is back.
The practice actually went along pretty well, and was a tough one.


300 Free
6 x 50 Kick w/ board @ 1:10
6 x 50 Free Pull @ :50

10 x 100 Kick w/ fins (25 "core kick", 25 SDK, 25 core kick, 25 Str. Flutter Kick) @ 2:00

Main Set: he gave us each set as we went along, so we didn't exactly know what was coming...though I had a hunch after a bit.

10 x 100 Free @ 1:30 (held 1:10/1:11s)

2:00 rest

10 x 100 Free @ 1:20 (held 1:09/1:10s)

2:00 rest

10 x 100 Free @ 1:10 (1:07/:09/:09/:09/:09/:12/:08/:08:/:07/:06)

This was basically the end of practice at 8:30pm...we did do some bucket pulling relays and a 400 cooldown as well, but that was it.

5500 Yards

The first 5 100s of the last set were touch n go after #1. I missed #6, and knew it about halfway through that I wasn't going to make it. So for #6, I ended up going @ 1:20, then dropped back to the 1:10 interval for the last 4 of them.
The other 2 girls in my lane didn't make any of them after #1. They did swim them all, and managed to stay out of my way as I was coming which was nice. It was a good set...just not something my body was truly ready for tonight. With my change of job at work, I'm walking a lot more now around a huge packing line, so my body is tired. Have to work at 5:00 in the morning, and will see if we can get the job done so I can make practice at 8:00am as well!

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