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joel schmaltz

Sat with the team

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450 (100 fr/50 stroke)
100 ez kick
6 min kick
-30 sec ez, 20 sec sprint
-IM order

2 x through
50's at 90%, pulls are cruise with perfect form
2 x 50 @ 45
100 pull @ 1:45
4 x 50 @ 50
200 pull @ 3:30
6 x 50 @ 55
300 pull @ 5:00

Hot Tub

We had another set to do but worked on starts instead. I felt better today than I have the past couple of weekends. This will help my confidence level leading into our state meet next weekend. I am starting to bet excited about next weekend and am happy with the spacing of my events. I think that I only have two events each day that will be back to back. Time to go to work to make a little extra cash for our Sarasota trip in June.

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