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David W Cochran

Sat, Feb 2 -

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There is a swim meet at the Huntsville Nat today so we had to be out of the pool by 7am. Still, I got a nice workout in. My arms still feel weary - I could go just so fast. It's not that I got winded and couldn't go, my arms (particularly my upper arm into my shoulders) just wouldn't pull harder/faster.

Dave, Dave, and Peter were there along with Hsv's Carol, George, Bob, Carmen, etc. But I had a lane to myself and did my own thing.

3 x 200 Free on 3:00
3 x 500 Free on 7:30 (7:00, 7:03; 7:05)
3 x 200 Free on 3:00
12 x 100 Back w/paddles on 1:30 (30 second extra rest between 6 & 7)
6 x 100 Free w/paddles on 1:30

4500 yards
73 minutes

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