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Working off Super Bowl splurge in advance...

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by , February 3rd, 2013 at 05:37 PM (1477 Views)
Got into to the Y early this afternoon for a 40-minute conditioning session; my warm-up was a 9:00 mile on the treadmill which felt really comfortable. The core and strength exercises are not as torturous now... am able to do about 20 reps of everything. They also don't leave me unable to do much afterward anymore... instead of the soreness setting in right away I just have a nice warm feeling.

After the drylands I got into the pool just to stretch out... here's what I managed to do:

500 EZ free on 10:00 (9:00)
500 back on 11:00 (10:30)
500 breast on 11:00 (10:15)
3 x 200 on 4:00 (2 free in 3:15-3:20; 1 bk in 3:50)
2 x 50 EZ free on 1:00

Everything felt very comfortable, not pushing at all, just going for an "active rest" feel for this recovery day. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be my hard days this week, I'm going to try to taper a little better for this weekend's meet. I'm going to run my registration by the post office tonight, so it will go out tomorrow morning. Here's what I'm signing up for w/ seed times:

Event 3 = 50 breast, :47
Event 7 = 50 free, :31
Event 11 = 100 back, 1:40
Event 14 = 50 fly, :45
Event 17 = 200 IM, 3:20

These are all close to my fastest practice times, except the 50 breast. For that event I used my first 50 split from the 100 breast I did at the last meet. I have a hard time swimming any faster than :50-:55 per 50 in breast in practice, but I wasn't sure how the block start would affect the time until I went back to the splits from that 100 BR. I suspect the same for the fly, though my 50 splits in practice are in the :48-:52 range I feel pretty confident with a seed time of :45. I really like the fact that the order of events is such that I'm going to get to swim a good hard 50 (or 100) of all the strokes before I get to the 200 IM (my "focus" for this meet). Am hoping it all comes together for that, realistically I could hit 3:10, I'd love to go 3:00, but am sending in 3:20, which is just a second off my fastest practice 200 IM, just to be safe.

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